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Trader, Seller or Consumer. TradeBots.TOP is here to provide you with the services you need to trade safely in a growing marketplace. Hundreds of new Trade Bots appear on a weekly basis, we pride ourselves on ensuring the ones you come in contact with are legitimate and wanting to do good business. Hosting over 5 curated listings, 100 individual trading services in an AD-FREE enviroment. All services of which are presented to you, our guest in the most efficient and effective way possible to make your experience with us a memorable one.

What is the Snail Robotics team?

The Snail Robotics team consists of,
• Forgotten - API Manager & NodeJS Scripter.
• MavFree Website Founder, Developer & Database Manager.
But the most important member of our team is the community. TradeBots.TOP and Snail Robotics would not be anywhere near what is today without everyone of you who has shared us with their friends, reported malicious traders, had faith in us and what we do.